Androniki Christodoulou




Born in Thessaloniki, Greece Following a successful career as a photographer in Greece and her work for the 2004 Athens Olympics as an assigned photographer of the Athens Olympic Committee, Androniki moved to Tokyo in November 2004. Since then she works freelance on assignments for international magazines and newspapers such as Kathimerini (Greece), The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Telegraph (UK), Der Spiegel (Germany), Marie Claire (Australia), K-magazine (Greece), Businessweek (US), Transit, Sotokoto, Shukan Asahi (Japan) etc. and for corporate clients such as Apple Japan. She also works on long-term photography projects, which are published in magazines or exhibited in galleries. She is interested in the human condition and she approaches her subjects with respect and humour. She has been photographing many aspects of life in Japan that vary from everyday life, traditional culture, subcultures or the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  She has also done a lot of portrait work and among the people she photographed some are famous, such as author Haruki Murakami and artist Takashi Murakami. Japan continues to be her main field but she is gradually expanding her work in other Eastern and Southeastern Asian countries. She has already published a book on Otaku culture: "OTAKU SPACES", in collaboration with a writer, and the self published book "UNDERWORLD", and she is working on new projects aiming on having more publications in the future.



“BA on Photography” at T.E.I. (Technological Educational Institution of Athens). Faculty of Art and Design department of Photography. Athens, Greece.

“Postgraduate Diploma on Photojournalism” at the London College of Printing. London, U.K.


1995 Started working freelance, mainly as a documentary and portrait photographer.

2004 Worked as an accredited photographer for the organization of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, Athens Olympic Committee (ATHOC), photographing the Torch Relay and the Olympic Games in Greece.

Based in Tokyo since December 2004, working free lance for international magazines and newspapers.

2009-2015 Taught workshops on Documentary Photography at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

AWARDS:   2015 DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY in the category PORTRAIT & COSTUME of the Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) in China, for the photo-feature "Vovousa, People and their costumes",

2009 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR award from the annual photography contest of the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Thailand.

TV: (documentaries)

2012 TOMORROW: Beyond 3.11 is an NHK TV documentary about the revival of Tohoku, where Androniki is featured visiting Minamisoma city of Fukushima prefecture, to meet and photograph local people and hear their stories. It was aired on NHK World and NHK BS1 Japanese TV channels on the 17th and 18th of December 2012   2010 FILOXENOUMENOI (guests) Tokyo/Athens is a TV Documentary shot for the Greek TV ERT where Androniki is featured as a Greek living in Tokyo. It was first aired in December 2010 and has been repeated many times since


2013 UNDERWORLD a self published book with photos of Tohoku's flooded landscapes, shot after the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

2012 OTAKU SPACES a half photography and half text book, result of a collaboration with writer Patrick Galbraith, published by Chin Music Press in the US.

2012 Contribution in the book IKIRU (we survive) with several photographers' photos from areas of Tohoku that were destroyed by the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami, published by the Japan Professional Photographer's Society.

2008 Cover photo for Hans Van Der lugt’s Geketende democratie book published by Prometheus publishing in Holland.

2004 Photos from the OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY published in a book about the International Torch Relay of the Athens Olympics 2004

2004 Photos from ATHENS, published in a book about Athens as part of the publications of the Athens Olympics 2004.

2002 Selected works published in a book on GREEK PHOTOJOURNALISTS – Greece.


Solo :

2014 TOKYO POP - "The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan", Tokyo, Japan

2014 TOKYO POP - "Hako" gallery, Tokyo, Japan   2013 UNDERWORLD Tohoku's flooded landscapes - "Books Bunny" gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2007 TOKYO FETISH – Gallery FCB New York, USA.

2007 MY TOKYO – "The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan", Tokyo, Japan

1998 ANASTENARIA (or fire-walkers) – “Alaja Imaret”, during the PHOTOSYNKYRIA 10+1 photo festival. Thessaloniki. Greece

1994 EYES – “Mirovolos”. Thessaloniki. Greece


2013 VOVOUSA MAN & COSTUMES - The Box gallery, Athens, Greece

2013 VOVOUSA MAN & COSTUMES - Vovousa village culture center ,Vovousa, Greece

2012 UNDERWORLD - Browse Photo Festival, Berlin, Germany

2012 IKIRU - "Fuji" Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2010 25 YEARS AFTER - "Benaki" Museum, Athens, Greece

2010 THE OPEN MIND OF LEFCADIO HEARN : Homage to Lefkadio Hearn - Matsue Castle, Japan

2008 TOKYO YOUTH–  SHADO photographers’ collective exhibition at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. Tokyo, Japan

2004 ATHENS 2004 Two photos of life in Athens were part of the exhibition organised by the “Athens Olympics 2004” in the city of Athens, covering the front of several buildings in the center of Athens. Athens, Greece

2003 SUBWAYS – Photos in the Athens, Tokyo and London metro – “THE SPIRIT OF GLOBALISATION”. International exhibition at the “Photography center of Skopelos island”, Skopelos, Greece.

2002 BEYOND THE DARKNESS - Blind National Greek Football team (as part of the FOOTBALLISSIMO group exhibition) – “Spitz Gallery”,  London, U.K.

2001 PALESTINE (as part of an exhibition organised by The Sunday Times for photojournalists who were finalists in the "Ian Parry Scholarship" photographic competition)– “Tom Blau Gallery”, London. U.K.

2001 LIFE ON THE EDGE – Women of the Intifada  – “London College of Printing”, London. U.K.

2001 KISS 9 – “Gallery K”, London. U.K.   1999 AVEBURY – “Art House”, Thessaloniki. Greece

1996 ANASTENARIA (fragment) – “The Friday Play”. Athens. Greece

1996 RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS TRAINING – during the “rhythmic gymnastic games of Kalamata”. Kalamata. Greece

1994 EYES (fragment) – “Moshato old factory”. Athens. Greece